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Insulation Services Photo Album: Owego, NY Crawlspace Encapsulation System

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Crawlspaces are nasty. They are usually dirt floored rooms under your home that have a constant supply of moisture. This constantly high level of moisture can cause things like mold to grow and that is not good in a home. 50% of the air that you breath in your home is coming from your crawlspace or basement. Do you really want to breathing in all that musty, moldy, potentially harmful air? We offer many solutions to this problem. Today we have photos of a crawlspace encapsulation project. We start by clearing out the crawlspace as much as possible, then we add a layer of drainage matting. That does pretty much what it sounds like. It drains any standing water away from your crawlspace and to the outside. Then we lay down a layer of terrablock. That is a simple foam board like material that is used to create the first layer of insulation between your home and the outside weather conditions. Next is a layer of cleanspace liner. That is most commonly related to a pool liner material. This is used to completely seal the crawlspace floor from moisture and air leaks. Lastly is the spray foam insulation that is added to the surrounding edge of the cleanspace liner and then added up the walls of the crawlspace. This further insulates the crawlspace from the outside weather conditions and it also helps air seal and keep moisture out. Now the crawlspace can be considered part of the conditioned space of the home. This whole lengthy process will make the home much safer and healthier and as an added bonus, the air leakage has been drastically cut down therefore the home will be much easier to heat and cool throughout the summer and winter months.

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