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Rosemary D. has a beautiful, large home built in the 1800s and as it happens with most homes that age, there wasn't a lot of insulation in the attic, or exterior walls and absolutely no insulation on the rim joists. As a result the house was very hard to heat and cool. The furnace was working constantly just to keep up. Rosemary chose Foam It to help make her home more comfortable and energy efficient. In this video she talks about the company and the results after the project was completed. "The house is much quieter, it is warmer, and the furnace doesn't go on and off constantly. It is a happy ending!", says Rosemary
Rosemary D. of Sayre, PA
Monday, May 8th
Felicity W. from Alpine, NY recently had her home insulated by Foam It Insulation. In this video she talks about the results and the quality of the service we provided. "I just couldn't be happier! I will recommend Foam It insulation, and Frank and Rick to all of my friends because this was as good as it could get", says Felicity.
Felicity W. of Alpine, NY
Monday, May 8th
This homeowner from Endicott, NY was very uncomfortable in his home. His furnace was constantly kicking on and off and his home was not retaining the heated air at all. We recommended installing TruSoft Insulation in his attic to fix these issues. He said the first day after the work was completed, “My furnace isn’t kicking on and off all of the time and I’m not noticing the massive heat loss like I was before. I am very impressed with the work so far!”.
Steve A. of Endicott, NY
Monday, October 31st
This homeowner from Brackney, PA had a very leaky home. We recommended insulated his attic with TruSoft Insulation and Spray Foam Insulation. He was very happy with the work that we did and said “They showed up quickly, did exactly what I wanted and cleaned everything up afterwards. Super Job!”.
Doug W. of Brackney, PA
Monday, November 14th
This homeowner from Binghamton, NY met Foam It Insulation at the 2015 Home & Garden Show. She was experiencing heat loss from her attic and musty smells coming from her basement. We recommended the insulation of her attic with Spray Foam Insulation and TruSoft Insulation and the installation of a SaniDry Dehumidification System in her basement. During the interview, Ms. C. said that “the office staff was great and the production crew was very professional.”, “the Home Comfort Advisor was wonderful and he was the one that really sold us!” and “I would recommend Foam It Insulation to my friends and family!”. We are very happy that we were able to make Ms. C. more comfortable and take care of her moisture problems!
Bonnie C. of Binghamton, NY
Tuesday, June 16th
LaDonna O.'s home in Binghamton, NY was very cold and the heating bills were very high. Something had to be done and so she called Foam It Insulation. In this video she talks about the experience she had with the company and the results after the project was completed. "The house is now warm. it's comfortable, and I am sure in the summertime with the air conditioner, it will stay cooler."
LaDonna O. of Binghamton, NY
Friday, February 24th
This homeowner from Binghamton, NY had pipes in her kitchen that would freeze every winter. She also had cold floors in her home and a very poorly insulated garage. We recommended Spray Foam Insulation be installed in these areas in order to make her more comfortable and to protect her pipes from freezing. She was very pleased with the work that Foam It Insulation did and though the office staff and the production crew were both very polite and the home comfort advisor that came out to her home was very knowledgeable. She is more comfortable in the home now and looks forward to not having her pipes freeze this winter.
Janet M. of Binghamton, NY
Monday, November 28th
Mike O. from Harpursville, NY was having a hard time with a very drafty family room in his house he felt very uncomfortable while trying to watch TV and knew something was wrong. After a few failed attempts to solve the problem on his own, he decided to trust Foam It to do the job. In this video he talks about his experience with the company, and the results obtained after the job was completed. "I can watch TV now, I am warm, the house is warm, and from last year, a lot less heating cost. We are very pleased." says Mike.
Mike O. of Harpursville, NY
Monday, October 10th
Everything that was proposed was priced fairly and I was able to get my project done at an affordable cost.
Gerald S. of Elmira, NY
Wednesday, December 7th
From the first time I contacted Foam It, the staff and representatives have all been courteous and professional. The representative that came to my home explained the process very clearly and the presentation allowed us to make an informed decision. We have a large home and were requesting a fairly significant improvement and Foam It was the only company that offered the variety of services and products we required. I was very impressed with the work Foam It did and I have already referred them to 6 of my friends and family.
Jebb D. of Elmira, NY
Wednesday, February 1st
I am was very pleased with how curtious and professional the people were that came to my home. Very pleasant to talk to. What I liked is that they answered every question I had very ahead of the game. The men I had at my house were Rick and Frank. They came here and knew exactly what they were doing. They were very knowledgeable and also answered every question I had. They get a 5 star rating from me. I had no complaints on the clean up! My house was back to the same way it was before they started the job. It may have even looked better than what it did when they started!! I had a few of my friends and family refer me to this company! I am very glad I listened to them and made the call! They were very prompt, courteous and professional! I will suggest this company to anyone who needs this service done!  
Tammy M. of Barton, NY
Monday, April 17th
My house was so cold in the winter. I had Foam It come out and insulate my attic and now I'm so much more comfortable. 
Bobby F. of Nichols, NY
Tuesday, November 22nd
My basement used to have such horrible moisture issues. I got a SaniDry from Foam It and I could not be more pleased with the results. It's much drier downstairs now and I can actually enjoy my den. Thanks again. 
Missy L. of Candor, NY
Thursday, September 15th
Thank you for showing us what was really going on with our house. Your crew did a great job. We are comfortable and feel safer in our home.
B.H. of Owego, NY
Friday, February 12th
Eric who came to meet with us was very efficient, friendly, and we believed what he said about the need to insulate our basement which is to be done in a few days.
Lucie N. of Owego, NY
Saturday, December 24th
My representative was very knowledgable and the appointment was well executed. Mold was detected in my attic. It was sprayed and exhaust ducts were installed and vented through my roof. The work was done very professionally and to my satisfaction. I am very happy with how everything went.
Dennis T. of Owego, NY
Thursday, December 29th
My wife always told me to get the home insulated. Finally I called Foam It and they came out and insulated my basement and attic. Now my wife and I are very happy and Foam It did a great job. Thank you.
Clarence W. of Warren Center, PA
Friday, August 5th
Eric was excellent! He was polite, knowledgeable, and dedicated to helping me. Frank and Rick were fast, efficient, and respectful of my home. The entire process of what I thought would be a non-stop headache, was suprisingly easy, and it was all due to Foam It's staff and process. I'd never recommend another company for any of the work Foam It does.
Chris C. of Apalachin, NY
Thursday, August 25th
Foam It Insulation was fast and efficient with fixing my home. The decision couldn't have been easier to make: my home is so much more comfortable and I'm saving money on heating bills. Two birds with one stone and a company that stayed in constant contact with me through the entire process.
Brandon A. of Bershire, NY
Tuesday, January 20th
The difference in the comfort level of my home was noticeable immediately when Foam It had completed the work. The entire process of fixing my own was handled efficiently and quickly! They are true professionals and it shows in every step of doing business with them. Thank you Foam It for making me love my home again!
Rodney F. of Newark Valley, NY
Wednesday, May 13th
I chose Foam It because of they specialize in the work my home needed. The work and staff were amazing! I will definitely recommend you to anyone I know that could use your services!
Susan W. of Newark Valley, NY
Tuesday, October 25th
I had Foam It come out because I was always seeing icicles on the end of my roof. When the rep. came out and told me I needed insulation in my attic I thought that really made sense. When Rick came out and told me exactly what he was going to do and how he was going to do it I was really impressed. He seemed to understand what he was talking about and was able to convey that to me in a way I understood. I would definately use Foam It again.
Sabrina T. of Little Meadows, PA
Thursday, January 7th
I really appreciated how Frank took me through each step he was going to do when he was insulating my attic. He told me where he was going to start and finish each day and that if I had any questions to stop him right away. No other company I have had do work on my home has ever treated me with such respect. It was a refreshing change and I would like to see more businesses take this approach to their work.
Karen B. of Richford, NY
Tuesday, September 6th
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