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Eric Johnston did a very professtional job. He came out to recheck our home since we previously had an appointment with Foam It. He found the few areas left in our home that needed insulation and it was very insightful.
Paul I. of Binghamton, NY
Wednesday, February 15th
Everything that was proposed was priced fairly and I was able to get my project done at an affordable cost.
Gerald S. of Elmira, NY
Wednesday, December 7th
I thought Eric was great when he came out to my home this week. He told me everything that I could fix and I am actually going to go through with one of the financing options he told me about. He was very knowledgeable and really made Foam It stand out as a different kind of company in this area. 
Katie Z. of New Milford, PA
Monday, May 9th
They provided all of the services I needed in my home and were very efficient and polite while doing so.
Rita S. of Jackson, PA
Monday, November 21st
The staff was very courteous and helpful. The Home Comfort Advisor was very professional and kind. I feel the presentation was great and if I had the extra money I would give serious thought to having Foam It complete all work that was suggested. 
Joann W. of Endicott, NY
Thursday, June 18th
Foam It was very helpful in my situation. They listened to all of my questions and helped me understand exactly what they were proposing to do in my home. Thank you 
Mary B. of Endicott, NY
Friday, October 30th
We saw Foam It's office building in Binghamton, NY and decided to give them a call. Our brother in law also mentioned their name before reccomending their services. We wanted our home updated to todays insulation standards and guidelines since it was built over 30 years ago and they did a great job!
Judy P. of Endicott, NY
Tuesday, October 20th
Eric, my home comfort advisor, was the nicest young man. He was very polite and informative. 
JoAnn T. of Endicott, NY
Friday, September 30th
The home comfort advisor that came to my home was amazing! He was very nice and courteous. He slowly went through and explained everything that our home needed. He also made sure we understood what those improvement would mean and he answered any questions we had before he left.
Lisa U. of Endicott, NY
Monday, January 16th
Me and my family live in a rather large house. Our utility bills were so expensive we were considering downsizing to a smaller home. As a last ditch effort, we called Foam It Insulation to see if there was anything we could do before we would have to uproot our lives. Eric came out and explained that just by adding insulation to the home, we could save enough to make it easier to stay in the home. Since we had the work done, our bills keep getting lower and we're considering having more work done to see an even bigger improvement. 
Cheryl N. of Lanesboro, PA
Tuesday, November 8th
I thought the inspector's presentation was very, very good and the whole staff was very nice and helped me throughout the whole process. 
Art S. of Kirkwood, NY
Friday, February 26th
Foam It Insulation was very quick to get back to me. I called for an estimate for insulation and they took great care of me.
Bruno D. of Binghamton, NY
Sunday, December 11th
I was very pleased with my evaluation and I was surprised to find out that I had no insulation at all in my home. I would definately recommend Foam It Insulation to my friends and family after the way they treated me.
Ruth K. of Binghamton, NY
Wednesday, January 11th
Foam It Insulation was able to complete insulation work for me at my convenience and I thought they did an excellent job.
Bill H. of Binghamton, NY
Tuesday, December 20th
The appointment center was very flexible when scheduling my appointment. Eric was very thorough and knowledgable. The production team completed my project on time and professionally.
Tredwell B. of Binghamton, NY
Wednesday, November 30th
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