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Insulation Services Photo Album: Athens, PA Inaccessible Side Attic

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This inaccessible attic in Athens, PA is a fairly common situation. A lot of homes do not have any type of access to their attic. The homeowner living in this house was experiencing very cold indoor temperatures during the winter time even with their heating system on full blast. We found that the heated air that they were paying for was just pouring into that inaccessible attic and out through the leaky areas of the roof. In order to remedy this problem, we cut a small access hatch to the attic underneath the siding and we were able to open blow with TruSoft Insulation. We air sealed the side attic first with spray foam in all the nooks and crannies that air could be escaping the home and then open blowed TruSoft Insulation onto the attic floor. These combined methods will create a barrier between the conditioned living space of the home and the outdoors. They will no longer have their heated air escaping to the outdoors through the attic.

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