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Insulation Services Case Studies: Spray Foam To Basement Walls, Harpursville, NY

Thursday, April 16th, 2015 by William Dornblaser


The fieldstone foundation of this home was a major source of drafts and air leaks for this homeowner. After the initial evaluation it was clear to our advisor that to properly fix this home, the basement walls would need to be Spray Foamed. The homeowner agreed, but expressed concern over the furnace, fuel tank, and water heater being so close to where the foam was going to be applied. The advisor passed this concern on to the installation foremen that would be installing the project.


The foremen assured the homeowner that this was a type of project we specialize in. They told the homeowner how this kind of work is something they do every day, and they knew they could help. Making use of techniques and processes in place for this kind of hurdle, the foreman were able to easily insulate behind and around the appliances, without them being hindered by the Spray Foam. The homeowner was happy with the work ethic and attention to detail of the crew, and the results of the upgrade were noticeable right away with drafts and cold floors being eliminated immediately, and the reduction in energy use reflected in the next utility bill.

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