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Before and After Pictures from Bradford County
Athens, PA Why is air sealing so important?

Athens, PA Why is air sealing so important?

Before After
Athens, PA Why is air sealing so important? Athens, PA Why is air sealing so important?

Since attics are vented, we should think of them thermally as outside in the winter. Because of the suns radiant heat in the summer, they are much worse than outside, reaching 140 degrees on the summer days. Clearly, we need to keep an absolute boundary between our living space and the attic so inside air doesn't move to the attic in the heating season, and heat doesn't pass up through our ceilings in winter, and down from our ceilings in the hot summer. To reduce overall air leakage, the attic is the first priority because warm air rises to the top of the house and finds any and all holes to leak out into the cold vented attic and is lost. Holes, gaps and joints include between drywall and framing at the top of walls, around pipes, wires, chimneys, electric boxes, fixtures, ducts, ceiling grilles and joints in framing. The reason cold air leaks in from the outside into the lower levels of the house is that warm air (the air you pay to heat in the winter) leaked out of the top and created a suction at the bottom. Attics are dramatically under-insulated compared to today's standards. 


Adding insulation in an attic without sealing all air leaks first should never be done, because you are burying air leaks and making them impossible to seal later - and fiberglass insulation DOES NOT STOP air leaks. That's why Foam It Insulation first carefully air seals the many various points where air from your home leaks up into your attic and is lost. We use expanding foam, boards, caulk, and metal flashing and fire caulk around your masonry or metal chimney as appropriate. If necessary, baffles are installed in each rafter bay to keep soffit vents clear and prepare for insulation. Finally, our premium TruSoft cellulose insulation is blown to the optimum R-value. TruSoft will not burn, get moldy, or attract pests. Blown insulation fills all gaps and odd shaped voids, and by filling over framing members, thermal bridging is avoided. 

Open Blowing TruSoft Insulation in Sayre, PA

Open Blowing TruSoft Insulation in Sayre, PA

Before After
Open Blowing TruSoft Insulation in Sayre, PA Open Blowing TruSoft Insulation in Sayre, PA

This homeowner did not have a very comfortable home. She constantly had to use blankets in the winter when she wanted to relax. We explained to her that her home could be much more comfortable than that. We found that she had a very leaky home that was not properly air sealed or even insulated. We proposed many solutions to her problem and part of the project that she decided to go ahead with was insulating her small attic. The attic was a major source to a lot of her problems. We proposed to insulate the attic from the outside because it was so small and had limited access from the inside of the home. We cut a small access panel out from underneath the siding, open blowed TruSoft Insulation throughout the entire attic and then sealed the access panel and reattached the siding. The customer was very happy with the results of our work and is already much more comfortable and she can't wait to see how this summer goes.

Company Awards
Home Performance with Energy Star Century Club Award 2019
On behalf of the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), I want to congratulate you on receiving... [Read more]
Building Performance Institute
This certificate was awarded to Foam It Insulation for being in good standing with the Building Performance Institute. This award... [Read more]
Eric Johnston: Certified Home Comfort & Energy Conservation Specialist
We are proud to have another Certified Home Comfort & Energy Conservation specialist on our team. Eric Johnston completed the... [Read more]
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Bradford County, PA's Trusted Home Energy, Insulation & Air Sealing Contractor

Home Energy & Insulation Quotes in Bradford County, PA!

Foam It Insulation has been providing quality insulation and air sealing services for homes in Bradford County, PA since 2006. Our focus is on making homes more comfortable and energy efficient; and as the area's authorized Dr. Energy Saver contractor, we have the exclusive products, proven techniques and trained professionals to do just that.

Does your home have any of the following issues?

  • Rooms that are too cold or too hot
  • Drafty rooms
  • Cold floors
  • Musty or bad smells
  • Dusty rooms
  • Allergy or asthma sufferers

If you're experiencing any of these problems in your home, you can benefit from a whole-home energy audit from Foam It Insulation. Using advanced diagnostic equipment and techniques, we will identify the causes of the troublesome areas within your home. We will explain exactly what is causing your issues and what we can do to correct these problems. Foam It Insulation is fully equipped to complete all of the work for you.

Attics to basements, spray foam to rigid foam: We do it all

As a locally-owned and operated company serving Bradford County, we are passionate about helping you make your home more comfortable and lowering your energy bills. That's why we use only the best, most efficient products installed by trained professionals. 

Although we offer a variety of insulation solutions, spray foam insulation is our specialty. When it comes to energy efficiency in your home, there are two main considerations:

1) stopping air from leaking in or out, and

2) controlling heat transfer into or out of the home.

No other insulation does this better than spray foam insulation from Foam It Insulation. Spray foam is the only insulation that air seals and insulates in a single application. Spray foam is installed with no gaps, openings or breaches and delivers superior insulation value compared to any other insulation.

Here at Foam It Insulation, we not only analyze your home's energy usage, but we will also discuss your priorities and suggest the best solutions for your home and your needs. Our home comfort and energy services include:

  • Attic insulation
  • Basement insulation
  • Crawl space insulation
  • SilverGlo rigid foam insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Blown-in insulation
  • Cellulose insulation
  • Air sealing
  • And more!

Are you ready to live in a home that's healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient? Contact us today to schedule your home energy audit. We offer free estimates on all of our air sealing and insulation services in Bradford County and surrounding areas.

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