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Before and After Pictures from Port Crane
Insulating an Attic in Port Crane, NY

Insulating an Attic in Port Crane, NY

Before After
Insulating an Attic in Port Crane, NY Insulating an Attic in Port Crane, NY

This home had an uninsulated attic. It was driving up energy bills while not allowing the home to remain at a comfortable temperature. Foam It Insulation's solution to this problem was to Spray Foam the attic, stopping air from escaping and providing R-Value to keep the conditioned air at the desired temperature.

Foam Insulation Applied to Exterior Walls in Port Crane, NY

Foam Insulation Applied to Exterior Walls in Port Crane, NY

Before After
Foam Insulation Applied to Exterior Walls in Port Crane, NY Foam Insulation Applied to Exterior Walls in Port Crane, NY

This home in Port Crane, New York was completely uninsulated due to it being a fairly new construction project. If the walls were finished before any insulation products were to be installed, the future residents would be extremely uncomfortable in what is supposed to be the living area. We proposed to install Spray Foam Insulation due to the fact that the walls were unfinished, this was the most cost effective method available to the homeowner. 

Port Crane, NY Spray Foam Insulation on Interior Walls

Port Crane, NY Spray Foam Insulation on Interior Walls

Before After
Port Crane, NY Spray Foam Insulation on Interior Walls Port Crane, NY Spray Foam Insulation on Interior Walls

Interior walls are usually very difficult to spray foam. In the middle of home improvement projects is usually the best time to give an insulation contractor a call. That way we have exposed wall cavities that we can fairly easily spray foam and then the homeowner can slap the dry wall up and be done with it. No messy fiberglass to deal with. The spray foam insulation will make you more comfortable year round, your energy bills will go down, and in the event of a fire spray foam actually burns at a higher temperature than wood so the wood framing will burn down before the spray foam in the walls and that essentially will give more time to get your family and treasured belongings out. 

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Pennsylvania Certificate
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Home Owner Letter of Appreciation
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Letter from Homeowner
We received a letter from a homeowner we did work for. They wrote to us showcasing their gratitude. "It... [Read more]
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Attic and Spray Foam Insulation Contractor in Port Crane,NY

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Home insulation and sir sealing services in Port Crane, NY

If your home is not as comfortable as you expect it to be, especially in the winter or summer months, you may be experiencing an home energy efficiency problem. In business since 2006, Foam It Insulation offers home insulation and air sealing services to give you a more comfortable home and help you lower your energy bills! As an award-winning, fully certified local contractor, our professionals have the experience and tools they need to handle your home's energy performance needs, no matter how big or small they might seem.

Energy problems come in all shapes and sizes, but most of the time they are caused by a home that leaks the conditioned or heated air that you're trying to utilize. Insufficient insulation means that there's no reliable barrier between your home and the outside air. Similarly, small cracks and holes that you may not even notice, like the gaps around wiring, plumbing, windows, and even recessed lighting, can cause major inefficiency. Foam It Insulation has the solutions required to permanently solve all of these problems, allowing your HVAC to do its job and keep you warm or cool!

Our home energy services in Port Crane, NY:

  • Home insulation services, including spray foam insulation
  • Air sealing and weatherization
  • Ductwork, such as duct sealing and duct insulation
  • Home energy audits and free estimates

Ready for a more comfortable, affordable home? Schedule a free estimate or energy audit with Foam It Insulation today in Port Crane, NY or nearby!

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