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Great Experience. My home is so much warmer now after my attic / basement has been done, and i'm speechless. my furnace hasn't kicked on for the first time in months. we're at a record "high" of 45 degrees right now in feb. It's so nice to know my money is in my pocket now instead of going back into heating. that was all free!!! The sump pump not so free :)
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Eric thank you so much, well spoken, polite, helped set me up with nyserda and the quote I was given is what the bill ended up being after months of waiting for approval from nyserda for the other stuff. That's precise estimation.
Our Installation Crew
Kevin the muscle man, you did a lot of heavy lifting, digging, and stair flights, what a workout yet your smile was very warm and pleasing as if you were on vacation. The second day you had to go help another crew, I assume they needed some muscle :) I didn't get to shake your hand or thank you, pleasure having you in my home. Dru's got a cool vibe that's on the quite side, well spoken with a nice mild chill undertone to it, meticulous attention to detail, excellent spraying. You can tell the eyes were on the prize, which is a job well done, thankyou! Jessica, like chess, was the queen of the board. Moving in all directions getting the job done. Outside digging trenches, inside spraying foam, If something needs to be done, there will be no hesitation on delegation. You can tell she's looking to be the next forewoman in charge. Frank, I'll be frank with ya... You are Tony the Tiger Grrrrrreat! Always checking in on your crew monitoring their progress and when almost finished you gave them their next task so there was no downtime. Explained the process, the timeframe, everything went "Better" than expected. Great job breaking that concrete up in a nice perfect circle for the sump and filling it back in just ever so nicely looking. We're very pleased and appreciate all your employee's work ethics on this team!! Communicative, non-argumentative, well knit unit cohesion amongst them, thank you all for making this a very pleasant, and joyful experience!!!
The Cleanup Process
The crew was fantastic. It was if they were never here. We actually told Jessica, ok, stop cleaning, I think you are going way above and beyond your job now, we'll handle it from here.

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Eric was the nicest salesperson out of 3. I like micro expressions that most people tend to miss. He never sighed, changed to an "annoying stance", I never felt like he dummy downed his wording. Never got an "are you sure" after I said I understood or already knew something. It was very pleasant talking to someone, like a person, than as if I was just his next sale's pitch. We're humans first, consumers 2nd.
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