Job review from in Binghamton, NY, NY 13905 on 08/28/17

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5
How knowledgeable was the energy adviser

Fred Brand was thoroughly knowledgeable of the product and was able to explain it in simple to understand terms so that it was clear and logical to me.

Did the energy adviser explain his findings

He did not rush through with fast talk, but rather took his time to make certain that what he offered in information was understood.

Was the energy adviser friendly

Fred Brand was respectful throughout the inspection and willing to answer any question that I had.

How pleased were you with the experience

I didn't know what to expect today, having never heard from anyone else about the experience, but I can say that I felt confident in his explanations and recommendations of what I need to do to be energy efficient, insure a healthy environment in my home and be far more comfortable in weather changes.

What did they learn that was most surprising:

Actually, I can honestly say that the information sheet on the 15 signs that my home has comfort and energy loss concerns was very helpful to me in becoming more educated about changes that must be addressed in my home.

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