Home Health and Home Efficiency: Understanding the Connection

Friday, February 10th, 2017 by William Dornblaser

Energy efficiency and a healthy home are so intertwined that a conversation of one demands inclusion of the other. After all, considering the time we spend inside our home, we are bound to be affected by its conditions. And affected we are. Total-home weatherization is the best defense against potential health hazards and problems. Here’s a look at how the connection between home health and energy efficiency works. We at Foam It Insulation offer the resources and tests to identify and solve your home’s specific problems.

Home Health and Home Efficiency Understanding the Connection - Image 1Many homeowners may not realize the link between their home’s condition and unnecessary expenses, such as: medical bills, high energy bills, illness, allergies, and more! As a company offering a whole-house approach to energy efficiency, comfort, and health Foam It Insulation performs a home energy audit to first identify the sources of your home’s problems and discomfort. Next, we suggest the repairs or upgrades to better seal and ventilate your home, decrease the moisture and relative problems, and make way for adequate duct function.

One of the greatest contributors to an unhealthy home and family is the existence of damp and musty environments such as those in basements and crawl spaces, poorly managed rainwater or groundwater, and plumbing leaks are sources of excess moisture in the home. Moisture leads to mold and mildew growth which can cause irritations of the skin, nose and throat, and respiratory problems such as asthma, allergies, and nasal and sinus congestion. Weatherization defense to control moisture includes crawl space encapsulation; diverting water from the foundation via drainage techniques, sump pump installation and dehumidification. It’s clear that a more energy-efficient home leads to be a healthier one. Understand the connection, make the necessary adjustments, and reap the rewards.

Federal and state initiatives continue to implement an integrated, whole-house approach to addressing the connection between energy efficiency and health allowing more homeowners than ever to benefit. Indoor air quality is a great concern for leading organizations and we aim to improve the quality of the air in your home. Contact us today to learn more about weatherizing your home for year-round health, comfort and energy efficiency. Click here to get your free evaluation or call 1-607-260-3044.

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