Ranch Homes Are Plagued By Ice Damming

Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 by William Dornblaser

Ranch homes were very well suited to accompany the demands in the Southwest, back when housing development was expanding at an explosive rate. The baby boomer generation was in full swing and homes that were able to be built quickly, at a reasonable price, were in high demand. Soon enough their popularity spread up to the North, but their architectural designs stayed the same. In the warm climate where they originated, they were a very practical home because of features like their large overhangs that provide extra shade from that sweltering southern sun. But up North in frigid New England, they do not fair nearly as well as we would like them to, becoming prone to many cold weather problems including ice damming. 

Ranch Homes Are Plagued By Ice Damming - Image 1

These are such a big problem because, living in New England, we know how unforgiving and unpredictable Mother Nature is during winter. Without proper insulation these ice dams can damage your gutter system or leak through your roof and cause serious damage to your walls, ceilings, furniture, and anything else that is inside your home. So fix it! Here at Foam It Insulation we offer many solutions to your ice damming problems, attacking the problem on two fronts: 1) Air-sealing - Stopping that warm air from escaping into the attic, which warms the roof, melts the snow, and causes ice dams when the water freezes in the gutter. Attic and duct insulation - Expert installation of cutting edge products that provide a superior R-Value and stop the conduction process which leeches heat from the conditioned spaces of your home. 

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