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Foam It Insulation Case Studies: Inaccessible Attic in Whitney Point, NY

Friday, October 28th, 2016 by William Dornblaser


The comfort issues found by our evaluation seemed pretty standard in the initial inspection. A Cape Cod style attic had inefficieny issues; allowing conditioned air to escape, causing energy bills to increase and causing some rooms to be uncomfortable all year round. Once in the attic, our advisor noticed there were areas that were within the building envelope, but would not be accessible to install crews. Leaving areas untreated is never an option for the Foam It Insulation Team, but how could the work stay within the timeframe that was convenient for the customer and still address this issue? 


Working together and reviewing the circumstances of the situation, our advisor and install crew decided that access doors could be cut into 2 parts of the attic and allow them to reach 100% of envelope, without compromising the home or causing any troubles for the homeowner. The ports were cut, the attic insulated, and all necessary repairs were made. The install crew still managed to have the job done on time as scheduled with the homeowner, and no problems with the project were left unaddressed. The result is another home permanently fixed by Foam It Insulation, another homeowner who is able to be comfortable in their entire home, and a project we can be proud of. This is the Foam It Insulation committment to every customer, every project, every time. Call us for your free estimate today! 607-821-0519

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