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Foam It Insulation Case Studies: Ice Damming In Berkshire, NY

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2016 by William Dornblaser


The main problem for this homeowner was the ice damming that would occur on their roof each winter. Gutters and shingles would be repaired in the spring, only to be damaged again the following winter. Heat escaping from the home and into the attic was to blame, and the homeowner was tired of spending the money to repair the damage and the headache of making the same repairs year after year. 


Our Home Comfort Advisor knew how common of an issue this was, and reassured the homeowner that it was certainly a problem we could repair. After the old, dirty fiberglass insulation was removed, our installation crew properly air-sealed the attic and insulated it with Blown Cellulose. With the snow of the year it was immediately clear that the problem had been solved and the homeowner would never have to eal with damages caused by ice damming again. Along with the comfort and damage issues being solved, the Cellulose insulation and air-sealing drove down heating bills because the conditioned air was now staying in the home and the furnace didn't have to work as hard. One more uncomfortable home fixed and one more persons quality of life improved!

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Foam It Insulation: Blown Cellulose Insulation

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