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Foam It Insulation Case Studies: Removing Fiberglass Before Spray Foaming in Conklin, NY

Wednesday, September 21st, 2016 by William Dornblaser


This home presented a somewhat unique challenge for us. Unique framing and multiple crawl-spaces put a different spin on the usual work for our installations crews. To add to the workload, when the original sheet rock came off of the walls, old and dirty fiberglass insulation was found inside of some of the walls. It was a dust and allergen machine, and took up valuable space inside the walls, without returning much of a benefit. It would have to be removed and disposed of in order to properly insulate. With the home being in the middle of a full remodel, it was imperative that the project still be finished on time and still meet the high standards that Foam It Insulation sets for the quality of solutions we provide. 


Our crews were flexible and experienced enough to assess the situation and adapt their usual process to the unique needs of this particular project. They made sure all fiberglass removal was done properly, and no part of the insulation was accidentally overlooked, checking the unqiue areas with a thermal imaging camera to make sure the issues were permanently solved. With the old insulation removed, and the new insulation properly installed, the crew meticulously clean up the work area, and still had the project done ahead of schedule. This allowed the remodeling crew to move forward with installing sheet rock over the newly insulated walls, etc. 

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