Case Studies

Foam It Insulation Case Studies: Spray Foaming an Attic in Kirkwood, NY

Friday, September 20th, 2013 by William Dornblaser


A leaky and inefficient attic is a serious issue for a home. It let's out precious conditioned air, making your furnace or a/c work harder and stay on longer. Air escaping from the attic is replaced by air being pulled in from the basement, replacing the air you spend energy (and money) to condition with air that is being drawn in from the outdoors. Along with making you have to re-condition the new air, it's also filtering into your home through your basement, increasing allergens and decreasing air quality.


By applying Spray Foam to the roof deck, a two pronged solution was applied to the issue. The Spray Foam air-sealed the attic, eliminating the issue of escaping air. At the same time, the R-21 insulating aspect of the foam dramatically reduced the loss of heated or cooled air through conduction as well. The change was instantly noticeable, and this was one more happy and healthy customer with a comfortable home. 

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