Case Studies

Foam It Insulation Case Studies: Attic Insulation in Montrose, PA

Monday, August 29th, 2016 by William Dornblaser


While most of the work on this job was very straight forward and easy for our crews, there were a couple "problem areas" that would present an insulation challenge because they were difficult to reach. Leaving a job incomplete or skipping any areas when sealing the envelope are not options our installers and co-foremen ever give themselves, so it was clear a solution to reach the areas and properly insulate them was necessary. Our crew was confident in their ability to solve this issue easily and they immediately began working on a solution. 


The advisors and co-foremen on the job had a discussion about the issues and plans were made to access these "problem areas". Access would be tricky, but using the emptiness of the home to our advantage, the crew was able to devise a plan and access method to each area. It would require a little more finesse and time, but it was possible to make this homeowner happy. The additional effort needed took a little bit longer, but the job was still completed on schedule, allowing other contractors to move forward with their work on the home and saving the customer any delay in being able to enjoy their comfortable, efficient home. 

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