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The program is designed to help families get grants and loans for energy efficient home upgrades, such as as foam insulation to lower utility bills.

TOWN OF MAINE -- Broome County Executive Jason Garnar joined local officials and a town of Maine homeowner to demonstrate the benefits of the ENERGY STAR Program.

Binghamton, NY - March 8, 2017

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program
Homeowner to Give Testimonial on the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program
A Broome County homeowner, Olga Ehret, will discuss the benefits of the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®
Program at a March 8 morning news conference, based on her own personal experiences at her Johnson City home in
the Town of Maine. The program made it possible for the Ehret family to obtain grants and low-interest loans for
energy efficiency upgrades, including foam insulation that have lowered their utility bills, increased comfort and
safety and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.
Ms. Ehret will be joined at the event by Brad Pacalis, Southern Tier Regional Director of the Public Policy and
Education Fund of New York’s Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program; Broome County Executive Jason
Garnar; Christopher Whalen, on behalf of Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo; Town of Maine Supervisor Jim Tokos;
Chris Burger, Binghamton Regional Sustainability Coalition Chair; and Jonny Norton, Foam It Insulation BPI contractor.
Ehret, whose family lives in a late 19th century farmhouse, said, “I never thought it could get so bad. Before we had
the work done, the attic wasn’t even livable. It was terribly cold because of thin walls and poor insulation. The bills to
heat the house just kept rising.”
Before having upgrades through the program, the Ehrets could never get their house to heat above 50 degrees last
winter. Now, they live in a comfortable and sustained 70 degrees and no longer have to deal with cold drafts. The
Ehrets were losing over $1,670 in fuel oil heating costs between November 2015 and March 2016 last winter. A year
later, the Ehrets have only paid $640 in fuel oil costs from November 2016 to present. Likewise, the Ehrets are paying
substantially less in heating costs this winter even amidst colder temperatures, as opposed to paying significantly
more during last year’s milder winter.
Ehret said, “Our heating cost dropped by $1,030 after having insulation work done through the program. This savings
covers our yearly $540 loan payment and we get to keep $490 in our pocket that we would otherwise have lost to
heating bills in previous years.”
The March 8 event will promote awareness of the availability of free energy assessments and energy efficiency grants
of up to $4,000, for single-family homes, and up to $8,000, for two- to- four-family homes, through the New York
State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA). To apply for the program, homeowners can call: (607)
821-0519 (7 am to 6 pm, Monday through Friday), e-mail: [email protected],  
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